ACMRS - Huntington Library Fellowship

The Arizona Center for Medieval and Renaissance Studies, in collaboration with The Huntington Library, offers annually the ACMRS Huntington Library Fellowship to aid in dissertation, post-doctoral or faculty research using the collections of The Huntington.

A requirement for holding the fellowship is that the time of tenure be spent in residence at The Huntington: the period of residence may vary, but must be a minimum of one month. The Huntington Library will welcome the inaugural ACMRS fellow with a $3,500 award for a one-month residency.


Applicants must be faculty members, post-doctoral students, or graduate students having advanced to candidacy at ASU, NAU or UA.

Application instructions

Applications will open Spring 2023.

Applications should consist of a curriculum vitae, two supporting letters of recommendation, and a 1500-word description of the research project, which must make reference to relevant Huntington material. For graduate students, one of the letters of support must be from their doctoral advisor or chair. 

Applicants for the ACMRS fellowship are also welcome to apply to supplement that award with a short-term award from The Huntington Library itself under the terms of its own fellowship competition. See The Huntington's website for more information. For questions or queries about this supplemental award, please contact The Huntington Library Research Fellowships Administrator Natalie Serrano.