Annual ACMRS Conference

Bringing together the academic and scholarly community to share research of vital importance to premodern studies.


The Arizona Center for Medieval and Renaissance Studies hosts an annual conference, inviting scholars, researchers, students and members of our community to participate in intellectual dialogues under a particular theme. Each chosen theme is of vital importance to both premodern studies and our contemporary landscape. 

Annual ACMRS Conference: Unfreedom (2020)

February 7-8, 2020

Arizona State University, Tempe Campus

Unfreedom marked the lives of various people in the premodern world. Many factors played a role in shaping the forms of unfreedom prevalent in the premodern era: violence and coercion; shame and dishonor; disconnection of kin groups and destruction of social networks; and individual and collective strategies for economic, political, and social success that depended on the subjection of others.

This year’s conference will focus on those whose status was defined primarily in terms of unfreedom, coercion, and constraint rather than the enjoyment of freedoms or privileges, including but not limited to slaves, serfs, captives, prisoners, pledges, hostages, and forced marriage or concubinage. We welcome panels and papers that theorize and/or historicize the status of unfreedom in medieval and renaissance contexts.

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