• M. Teresa Tavormina, Michigan State University, "Uroscopy in Middle English: A Guide to Texts and Manuscripts"
  • Sean L. Field, University of Vermont, "Paris to Rome and Back Again: The Nuns of Longchamp and Leo X’s 1521 Bull Piis omnium"
  • Christina M. Carlson, Emerson College, "'And openly I profes myself/ of the Arminian sect': Arminianism in Sir John van Oldenbarnavelt (1619) and Two Seventeenth Century English Political Prints, ca. 1628–41"
  • Paul Hartle, St Catharine’s College, University of Cambridge, “It’s good to talk: conversations between gods, men and beasts in Early Modern English versions of Lucian’s ‘Dialogues’" Download Here
  • Peter Craft, Felician College, "Peter Heylyn’s Seventeenth-Century English Worldview"
  • Christopher Carlsmith, University of Massachusetts Lowell, "Diamond Jubilee: A History of the New England Renaissance Conference, 1939–2014"

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