• Adjusting Our Lenses to Make Gender Visible
    —Merry E. Wiesner-Hanks
  • Women’s Last Wills and Testaments in Hull, England (c. 1450–1555)
    —Elisabeth Salter
  • The Conquest of the Ancients: The Gender of Imitation in Louise Labé’s Euvres and the “Escriz de divers poëtes, à la louenge de Louize Labé Lionnoize”
    —Vanessa Glauser
  • Crafting Un-Fortune: Rape, Romance, and Resistance in Hester Pulter’s The Unfortunate Florinda
    —Rachel Dunn Zhang


Cluster on Historical Fiction
  • Inventing Early Modern Women
    —Jane Stevenson
  • Fictionalizing Shakespeare’s Sisters: Mary Sidney Herbert
    —Naomi J. Miller
  • Margaret Cavendish, Then and Now
    —Brandie R. Siegfried
  • Teaching Dutch Women Through Historical Fiction
    —Amanda Pipkin
  • Rewriting History: Colonial Latin America Women in Historical Fiction
    —Rocío Quispe-Agnoli
  • Storia and Storie: The Substantiated Historical Fiction of Sarah Dunant
    —Maria Galli Stampino
  • The Fictional Queen Katherine Howard
    —Valerie Schutte
  • Women as Subjects and Objects of Medicine in Edo Japan
    —Hanako Nadehara