• Pressure to Publish: Laura Terracina and her Editors
    —Amelia Papworth
  • Isabel de Borbón and the Governance of the Spanish Monarchy
    —Alejandra Franganillo Álvarez
  • The Bizarre Muse: The Literary Persona of Margherita Costa
    —Jessica Goethals
  • “Equally Charming, Equally Too Great”: Female Rivalry, Politics, and Opera in Early Eighteenth-Century London
    —Alison DeSimone


Forum: Play, Games, and Performance
  • The Game of Politics: Catherine de’ Medici and Chess
    —Susan Broomhall
  • “We made a blame game of your game”: Jean Desmarets, the Jeu des Reynes Renommées, and the Dame des Reynes
    —Naomi Lebens
  • Parlor Games, Spatial Strategy, and The Two Angry Women of Abington
    —Emma Katherine Atwood
  • Playing Cards with God: The Visions of the Portuguese Nun, Mariana de Purificação (1623–95)
    —Joana Serrado
  • Jeu de dames: A Game for Women in Renaissance Europe
    —Alex de Voogt and Wim van Mourik
  • Hazarding for Marriage: John Blagrave’s Lottery for Maidservants
    —Richelle Munkhoff
  • Gyno Ludens: Small Work and Play in Everyday Archives
    —Natasha Korda
  • Was the Long Eighteenth Century a Golden Age for Women in Sport?: The Cases of Mme Bunel and Alicia Thornton
    —Peter Radford