• Salaried Mothers: Breastfeeding and Rearing Infants in the Kingdom of Aragon
    —María del Carmen García Herrero and Cristina Pérez Galán
  • “A Ringworm on the neck of greatness”: The Body Politic in Elizabeth Cary’s History of Edward II
    —Rachel M. De Smith Roberts
  • Women, Space, and Power in Early Modern Spain: Luisa de Carvajal and Mariá de Guevara
    —Nieves Romero-Díaz
  • Death Did Not Become Her: Unconventional Women and the Problem of Female Commemoration in Early Modern Rome
    —Caroline Castiglione and Suzanne Scanlan
  • From Helicon to Hollywood: A Dialogue on Veronica Franco and Dangerous Beauty
    —Margaret F. Rosenthal and Shannon McHugh