• Learning to Invest: Women’s Education in Arithmetic and Accounting in Early Modern England
    —Amy Froide
  • Art, Authority, and Domesticity in Margaret Cavendish’s Poems and Fancies
    —Megan J. Fung
  • Anne Bradstreet’s “dear remains”: Children and the Creation of Poetic Legacy
    —Stephanie Pietros
  • Elizabeth Delaval’s Memoirs and Meditations: Textual Transmission and Jacobite Context
    —Susan Wiseman
Forum: Entrepreneurial Women: A Forum in Honor of Alice Clark
  • The Legacy of Alice Clark
    —Hilda L. Smith
  • Vannozza Cattanei: A Hotel Proprietress in Renaissance Rome
    —Cynthia Stollhans
  • More Than Faded Beauties: Women Theater Managers of Early Modern Spain
    —Carmen Sanz Ayán
  • Stories Worth Telling: Women as Business Owners and Investors in Early Modern Milan
    —Jeanette M. Fregulia
  • Women Minding the Store in Eighteenth-Century France
    —Janine Lanza
  • Mary Beale and Art’s Lost Laborers: Women Painter Stainers
    —Helen Draper
  • A Venture of Her Own: Early American Women in Business
    —Kim Todt
  • Female Entrepreneurship in West Africa: Trends and Trajectories
    —Philip J. Havik