• “Thy Righteousness is but a menstrual clout”: Sanitary Practices and Prejudice in Early Modern England
    Sara Read
  • Inscribing Gender on the Early Modern Body: Marital Violence in German Texts of the Fifteenth and Sixteenth Century
    Katja Altpeter-Jones
  • Elizabeth Cary’s Female Trinity: Breaking Custom with Mosaic Law in The Tragedy of Mariam
    Cristina León Alfar
  • A Women’s Republic of Letters: Anna Maria van Schurman, Marie de Gournay and Female Self-Representation in Relation to the Public Sphere
    Anne R. Larsen
  • Women's Musical Voices in Sixteenth-Century England
    Linda Phyllis Austern
  • Demure Transgression: Portraying Female "Saints" in Post-Tridentine Italy
    Helen Hills



  • Femininity in the Marketplace: The Ideal Woman in Fourteenth-Century Florence
    Juliann Vitullo
  • Merchant Wives, Agency, and Ambivalence in Early Modern Studies
    Ann Christensen
  • Gaining Honor as Husband’s Deputy: Margherita Datini at Work, 1381-1410
    Ann Crabb
  • Widows, Legal Rights, and the Mercantile Economy of Early Modern Milan
    Jeannette M. Fregulia
  • Identifying Women Proprietors in Wills from Fifteenth-Century London
    Kate Kelsey Staples
  • Women, Objects, and Exchanges in Early Modern Florence
    Ann Matchette


The Society for the Study of Early Modern Women Graduate Student Prize

  • Abstract, Rembrandt’s The Death of the Virgin, Cartesianism, and Modernity in the Dutch Republic
    Elissa Auerbach


Bibliographies: Recent Spanish and French Publications

  • Mujeres que saben latín: Publications in Spanish in Early Modern Women’s Studies, 2004-2007
    Ana Kothe
  • Je nomme ceci votre proumenoir: Publications in French in Early Modern Women’s Studies, 2004-2007
    Stéphane Pillet


Art Exhibition Review

  • Images of Women in Old Master Prints and Drawings/ Images by Women in Old Master Prints and Drawings, Spaigthwood Galleries, Upton, MA
    Jodi Cranston


Book Reviews

  • Early Modern Women and the Genesis of Modern Science: A Review Essay
  • Judith P. Zinsser, Men, Women, and the Birthing of Modern Science
  • Lianne McTavish, Childbirth and the Display of Authority in Early Modern France
  • Katharine Park, Secrets of Women: Gender, Generation, and the Origins of Human Dissection
    Elspeth Whitney
  • John Newton and Jo Bath, Witchcraft and the Act of 1604
    Raisa Maria Toivo
  • Sylvia Brown, Wonder, Gender and Radical Religion in Early Modern Europe 
    Carrie F. Klaus
  • Edith Snook, Women, Reading, and the Cultural Politics of Early Modern England 
    Katheryn Giglio
  • Gina Bloom, Voice in Motion: Staging Gender, Shaping Sound in Early Modern England 
    Erin Minear
  • Kate Chedgzoy, Women’s Writing in the British Atlantic World: Memory, Place and History, 1550-1700 
    Anita Gilman Sherman
  • Dympna Callaghan, The Impact of Feminism in English Renaissance Studies 
    Pamela Hammons
  • Gabrielle Langdon, Medici Women: Portraits of Power, Love, and Betrayal from the Court of Duke Cosimo I 
    Joyce De Vries
  • The Marian Catholic Revival: A Review Essay
  • Eamon Duffy and David Loades, The Church of Mary Tudor
  • William Wizeman, S.J., The Theology and Spirituality of Mary Tudor’s Church 
    Robert Scully, S.J.
  • Classical Medicine and the Origins of Gynecology: A Review Essay
  • Helen King, Midwifery, Obstetrics, and the Rise of Gynecology: The Uses of a Sixteenth-Century Compendium
  • Eve Keller, Generating Bodies and Gendered Selves: The Rhetoric Of Reproduction in Early Modern England
    Rachana Sachdev